Chocolate Covered Strawberries (they're not as hard as you think)

These are seriously easy. It's so hard to screw them up! This really is the only dessert I've ever cared to make because one: it's easy and 2: soooo delicious! You can use any kind of chocolate you prefer, and of course just fresh whole strawberries! I love a good dark chocolate, so that's what I used. I bought a double pack of strawberries and a pound of dark chocolate (I only used half the bar).

First, wash and DRY your strawberries. Here's the key: DRY strawberries!

Next, put a saucepan with about an inch of water in the bottom on a medium low heat to simmer. 

Next, chop up your chocolate with a serrated knife. 

You need a bowl that is heat safe and fits on top of the saucepan WITHOUT touching the water. Place the chocolate in that bowl and place on top of the pan. 

Don't walk away! The steam from the water will melt your chocolate, and even though it doesn't seem like it, it happens fast! Stay there and stir constantly, as the chocolate melts. Take off the heat when there's just a few small pieces of unmelted chocolate (the residual heat of the bowl will finish the job). 

Set up a little station to do your dipping! Place your finished berries on wax paper or foil. Then put in the fridge to set. That's IT! 

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