Best Vinaigrette Ever (and a Winter salad to put it on)

I almost always make all my own salad dressings. After doing that for a while, I can hardly stomach bottled versions. It's super easy, there's no fake weird stuff going in there, and you can adjust based on your own tastes and preferences. This is my go to salad dressing because it is good on almost ANY kind of salad you can think up, even pasta salad! It is super easy, and I also love that the ingredients are things I almost always have in my kitchen.
What you need:
2 heaping tablespoons of honey
3 heaping tablespoons of dijon mustard  -- at any given time I have about 4 versions of dijon in my fridge. Sometimes I use whole grain, sometimes just the regular stuff, sometimes flavored versions like garlic.
Apple Cider Vinegar -- or vinegar of your choice.
Good olive oil or any preferred oil
1 large garlic clove
Any additions - shallots, herbs, etc

Mix together the dijon and honey. Add enough vinegar to thin out this mixture considerably, maybe just under 4 tablespoons. Mince or grate the garlic clove, and any additions you choose, and stir those in. As you whisk, drizzle in enough oil to get the consistency you want - usually about 1/3-1/2 cup. Season with salt and pepper to taste. When you taste, adjust where necessary. Maybe you like it sweeter and add honey, maybe you like more bite and add dijon or vinegar. Maybe you need oil. Do what feels right! I like to store this in a jar (recycled from empty pickle or condiment jars), so I can shake it up before I use it. This makes enough for a couple family size salads.

Below is one of the best salads I made this year, and went REALLY well with this versatile vinaigrette:  

I used half bag each of spinach and arugula (I LOVE arugula, there is nothing like it). I topped this with thinly sliced apple. 4 pieces of cooked and chopped nitrate free bacon, roasted pecans and some red onion. It was AMAZING!! Crunchy, peppery from the arugula, smoky from the bacon, sweet from the apple and sharp from the onion. Definitely will make again and again. Enjoy!

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