Crispy Roasted Fingerling Potatoes

These are the BEST side dish for company. Everybody loves a potato, am I right? These cute little guys couldn't be easier to roast up. They turn out super crispy and go good with almost anything. I love to serve them plain, or drizzled with a sauce like basil pesto. Almost always accompanied with a light salad and roasted chicken, this is a great dish even for a weeknight meal. Super cheap, super easy.

Crab Cakes

This is a Mr. McMillen fave, but I have adopted my own version because everything I seem to find online has too much "crap." Tons of mayonnaise, extra unnecessary steps, etc. I just wanted something easy and light, more crab than cake. So, here is my favorite way to make these. I love them as a special treat or app on Valentine's Day or an anniversary. This makes a HUGE amount - like 7/8 pretty large crab cakes. So feel free to half it if there is just two of you, although my husband wasn't complaining about two days worth of leftovers, ha. Again, these are rough measurements, taste and play around with it. Sometimes I add red pepper or omit the shallots. Just depends on what I have.