Crispy Roasted Fingerling Potatoes

These are the BEST side dish for company. Everybody loves a potato, am I right? These cute little guys couldn't be easier to roast up. They turn out super crispy and go good with almost anything. I love to serve them plain, or drizzled with a sauce like basil pesto. Almost always accompanied with a light salad and roasted chicken, this is a great dish even for a weeknight meal. Super cheap, super easy.

What you need:
1 lb fingerling potatoes. The little guys. You can also use yukon, yellow finn, etc. Just make sure when you cut them they are in smaller, uniform pieces.
Salt - I keep only Himalayan pink salt in the house. Sea salt or a higher quality salt would be great for this since it is our only seasoning here, but use what you have. You can use pepper as well if you would like. I am a little bit anti black pepper, I just don't understand why it is necessary on EVERYTHING. But that is an issue we can talk about later.
Ghee - I like ghee because it has a big butter flavor but a high smoke point. Perfect for this recipe. But you can use any oil of your choosing.


Preheat oven to 375. Clean and cut each potato in half lengthwise. This gives a good surface area for them to get nice and crispy. Throw them on a sheet pan, I foil line mine for easy clean up. Toss with about two tablespoons of ghee or oil - enough to coat everything. And season liberally with salt. Once seasoned, turn each potato flat side down, ensuring maximum golden brown-ness. We also want to make sure they are not crowded. If there are too many on the pan, split them up. Otherwise they will steam instead of roast. Throw them in the oven until they start to look a little wrinkly on top and they are nice and golden brown underneath. I like to do this on a little lower heat, it takes a little while (maybe 25-30 min) until they are as dark as I want them, but they turn out SUPER crispy. If you want a softer potato inside but still with a brown crust, roast at 400 for a little less time.

There ya go! A great side dish to add into your rotation. No crazy steps or expensive ingredients. Sometimes I throw some whole garlic cloves onto the pan and when the potatoes are done, squeeze out the roasted garlic into a yogurt dipping sauce or drizzle over the top. So yummy! Enjoy!

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